Emergency Housing

Short-Term Emergency Housing Program provides undergraduate and graduate students with temporary housing if they are experiencing housing displacement or homelessness. Our goal is to ensure our students' safety and provide them with adequate time to acquire permanent and secure housing. Placement is subject to space availability and individual student circumstances.

When to Seek Emergency Housing

If you are:

  • Unhoused due to extenuating circumstances
  • At high risk of homelessness or eviction
  • Displaced due to unsafe living conditions
  • Couch surfing
  • Living in your car
  • Living on the street

How to Request/Get Emergency Housing

  • The Emergency Housing program is currently paused.
  • Please view our Basic Needs Resource Guide for other resources on and off campus. 

Emergency Housing Eligibility

You are eligible if you are a current UCR undergraduate or graduate student who is at least enrolled as a half-time student. Priority will be given to full-time students.

Please note: 

We are only able to provide short term emergency housing depending on availability.